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Special Events

clipboardWe provide Webcasting Systems and Professional Services to stream special events online live and on-demand.

To enhance confidence, our webcasting systems are setup and operated by Streaming Media experts.

Town Hall

sampleUnite your workforce with regular updates, corporate initiatives, directions and goals streamed live and on-demand

Our streams look good and sound terrific.

Video Production

We record and stream your event or private meeting on-demandon-demand.

We create branded web commercials short and long form.

We capture and finish authentic video content that you share on your social-media outlets.   More InFO

Why webcast all hands meeting?

Since 1998 we've focused on design, workflow and integrating webcasting systems. We assist corporate media groups with Professional Services for implementing streaming media best practices.

To increase communications affordably, everyone is included. A technically well produced webcast is a cost efficient method to engage with and energize all employees where they are. Set new direction, make timely announcements, reemphasize company goals and recognize employee accomplishments frequently.

If attending a company wide meeting will require traveling, remote employees may prefer to attend via live webcast instead to cut-out travel time, expenses and stress.

The cumulative savings in resources permits more frequency. A technically well produced webcast will reach employees at the most remote locations with the lowest time and system investment. Bi-directional field communications is always available.


Email your event information including exact location, date, times, expected online audience size, and your requirements today. We will respond with a price estimate usually within one day.


Stage Feeds       

TV and film production are utilizing our private webcasting services to live stream their stage feeds to executives and producers off-stage. We provide complete, turn-key solutions to accept stage-feed audio and video from any Atlanta sound stage and live stream it anywhere.

Encoding Services

We integrate with existing production systems back-stage.  All encoding systems include a streaming media specialist on-site at setup to assist with integrating webcasting system and encoder PC operations.